life-changing encounters with the risen jesus

ALIVE is a new series which explores the life-changing meetings people had with Jesus soon after He rose from the dead, and what relevance it has to us today.

Starting at Easter, over seven weeks, you'll discover that there's more to being alive than simply living.

Journey in a group

ALIVE is best experienced in a group setting, so we will be running small groups for the duration of the series. You can let us know whether you'd like to join one, or whether you'd like to host a group yourself. 

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get the book

  • Experience a better, fuller life right now.

    This book presents a compelling invitation to truly come alive through an encounter with the risen Jesus. Dave Smith unpacks how, like those who first met the resurrected Jesus, you, too, can be transformed by love, surprised by hope, filled with peace, released to live in freedom and empowered to fulfil your purpose in life. Through this accessible and relatable book, you’ll discover that there is more to being alive than simply living – both in this life and the one to come!

    If you're part of KingsGate you can get your copy at a significantly reduced price - available on Sundays or through your LifeGroup if you're part of an Online Campus LifeGroup. Reduced from £8.99 to only £2.50 per copy.